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This was the first time that I did a Unboxing video of a product it was fun! and I enjoyed doing it 🙂 Roxy loves to open things! Even if its something for me she tries to rip it open and has a blast trying to do so! So she tried to take everything she could get to even the flyers that where given to me and the card as well. She really is a silly dog!

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Knot Be Gone Detangler contains B vitamins and is alcohol-free so it doesn’t dry out your dog’s skin or fur. Since I was taught in grooming school to never brush a long hair coat dry being able to use the detangler as often as I need to even if it’s everyday is great since it adds that moisture that will keep the hair from breaking.

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It’s always a challenge to keep furry, long-haired dogs knot and matt free. Many pet owners resort to trimming their dogs short to eliminate this problem. But wouldn’t it be great if they could avoid shaving their pups down or fighting to remove those tangles? Doggie Diva offers owners an alternative by helping to eliminate tangles while bringing out the true essence of longhaired dogs’ fur.

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